Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever
Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever

Curling Iron Pro: Hot Stying Achiever

Your game changer for salon-worthy hair

$59.00 - $65.00
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Designed with and for professionals, and now available for use at home, Curling Iron Pro™ has 14 variable temperature settings from 80°C to 210°C for the perfect customised look.

SmoGlide Clip Design: Ensures easy styling with optimal control and a seamless glide.

HeatPro® Uniform Technology: Delivers consistent temperature for efficient styling and enduring results.

14 Heat Settings: Provides tailored heat adjustments for various hair types and textures. Heats up to 210 degrees in 60 seconds for fast curling.

Curling Iron Pro™ Ceramic Coating: Effortlessly moves through hair, enhancing luster as you style.

StayCool Tip: Designed with a ventilated, comfortable grip that remains cool during use.

EasyTwist Dial: Facilitates straightforward and intuitive temperature control.

  • LCD display with temperature control
  • Barrel diameter size: 1'' / 1.25'' / 1.5''
  • Voltage : 100-240 V (global voltage)
  • Power : 45-65 W
  • Frequency: 50-60 HZ
  • Temperature: 80-120℃

1X Hair Curlers

1X User Manual

Effortlessly Curl Like A Pro

New & Improved Design

Fast, Easy + Efficient

Bouncy, Frizz-Free Curls & Waves

Extra Speed

An extra-long ceramic barrel styles wide sections, long hair, or hard-to-reach areas in less time.

Extra Hold

HeatPro® Uniform Technology ensures perfect heat precision - no hot or cool spots - for one-pass styling with curls and waves that stay all day.

Extra Style

An all-new SmoGlide Clip Design delivers effortless control with a smooth, snag-free glide - for any technique and every style.

Unravel The Hype


"Love love love! I got the most beautiful curls that lasted all day!"

- Jenny T.


"I am not one of those girls that can always make my hair look cute. I'm also that girl that buys all kinds of curling irons praying for the curl to last. Well! Look no more. This is super easy to use... even for the not so gifted. It actually holds a curl for the day."

- Pennie A.


"I love this curling iron! I have really long hair so this is perfect because of its long barrel. I chose the 1.5'' barrel because I wanted looser curls and I am absolutely obsessed with the outcome!"

- April H.

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What hair lengths will work with this tool?

Curling Iron Pro™ is suitable for various hair lengths. Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, the ceramic barrel adapts to your styling needs with ease.

Should this tool be used on wet, damp, or dry hair?

For optimal results and safety, Curling Iron Pro™ should be used on completely dry hair. Ensure your hair is thoroughly detangled before styling to achieve the best curls with ease.

Can I travel internationally with this tool?

Absolutely! Curling Iron Pro™ is equipped with dual voltage, making it perfect for international travel.

What if I don't like it?

No worries! Enjoy a generous 30-night free trial. If you're not satisfied, simply return it, and a refund will be issued :)